Why Can Other DIY Septic Systems Only Handle 1 Toilet?

If you’ve spent any time searching for a DIY septic system online, you’ve probably seen many other systems that include this warning: This system should only be used to service a single toilet!

But why is that you might ask?

I’ve reviewed many other “homemade” septic tank systems using plans I’ve found on the internet, videos I’ve viewed on YouTube, and descriptions I’ve read in comment sections and forums.

All of these systems have at least one fatal flaw, and usually I find multiple flaws in the designs.

First, all of these systems are usually too small, and they don’t include an adequate leach field (also known as the “drain field”, “drain area”, etc.).

Amazingly, some of these systems don’t include ANY leach field at all!

A properly designed septic system MUST have some type of leach field or dispersal field.

Note: In case you’re not familiar with that term, a “leach field” is where the waste from the septic tank is dispersed after it has been broken down in the septic tank.

My system, the DIY Septic System, is designed properly so that it has good capacity, and also a properly designed leach field.

Second, all of these systems are not designed correctly when it comes to HOW the waste enters the system.

The way that the waste and waste water from inside a home enters the septic tank is very important.

Septic tanks contain basically three layers:

  • The top layer of scum

  • The middle layer of liquid waste or “effluent”

  • The bottom layer of solids or “sludge”

If the waste and waste water enters the system at an incorrect point or if the waste enters the system too fast, it WILL disturb the septic system’s function.

This happens when the contents of the tank are disturbed and the layers inside the tank are all mixed together at a rapid pace.

This could cause serious problems with the system, and even cause it to become clogged and stop working.

This is especially important when dealing with a smaller DIY-type of septic system.

The waste and waste water should enter the tank so that the scum, liquid waste, and solids are disturbed as little as possible.

The DIY Septic System is designed correctly so that none of these problems are an issue.

My DIY Septic System design can handle:

A full bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet

A kitchen (my system can even handle a dishwasher)

The system can even handle a laundry room / washing machine

My DIY Septic System is the most durable and least expensive system available that you can install yourself.

Even if you don’t know anything about septic systems, you can install the DIY Septic System because it includes fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions.

What others have said about the DIY Septic System:

Never thought I’d have the luxury of having an indoor shower
By JR on October 26,
Verified Purchase
I was looking for a small septic system for one toilet - this system is so much better because it can handle a lot more than just toilet. Once the system was installed I also installed two additional sinks and a shower. The shower setup that the author outlines in the book is alos very nice and that’s what I went with. It’s so nice to have a proper indoor shower instead of washing outside like I’d been doing. I never thought I’d be able to even have a sink much less a shower. As a bonus I was able to get everything off of Amazon.
4 people found this helpful

homemade septic system for outhouse
By Matt2x22 on March 11,
Verified Purchase
I used this to put in a homemade septic system for my outhouse I built on some camping land. You can get to the land with a truck but there aint no where to use the bathroom so I had built a outhouse. I didn’t want human waste sitting in the hole for long time so I put in this system so all the waste is underground. It worth it to not worry about having a toilet

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